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"Summer camp improved my ability to understand and learn. It has also helped me to dream without a worry.
I am no longer afraid of going to school”

- Student of K. D Gaikwad School

Meet Our Heroes

Our heroes who fought all the odds and are close to victory!

Sunny Vishwakarma

Sunny is a sincere and hardworking 19 year old boy who has been part of Sparsha Community and Programme for over 7 years now. He lives in a nuclear family, including his parents and younger brother. He works and aims to supplement his family income as his mother is the sole earning member in the family.


Sunny discovered his interest in education at an early age with the simultaneous exposure to learning at school and Sparsha Trust. He had then made up his mind to adopt the profession of a Professor and is continually working hard to achieve the same.


Viewing his endless dedication and urge to learn, he was invited by one of our role models, Pratiksha Vhatkar, to attend his work and sessions, continue gaining knowledge and being inspired by him. With sheer determination and self-motivation, Sunny established and began coaching classes for younger kids who are inclined towards learning and helped them through the process. 


SPARSHA is extremely proud of this young lad who has shown consistent hardwork and extreme commitment towards his carrier. We also believe that he has great potential and can already see him becoming an integral part of SPARSHA and our work.

Ashanka vhatkar

Teaching is one of the most direct and accessible ways to make an impact. Ashanka was always passionate and thirsty for learning new information and exploring knowledge. Being driven by the desire to share her acquired knowledge and help those around her, Ashanka aspired to become a teacher.


Sparsha Charity Trust provided the foundation for her to build on her passion and dreams and convert it to reality. She got enrolled into the Sparsha Community in 2008. At that point of time, Ashanka was only in 5th standard, studying at a local government school. Sparsha used to carry out classes at 


Ashanka’s home as her mother was a teacher for the organization. This is where her deep interest for learning and spreading knowledge stemmed from. After completing her 12th standard from the Maharashtra Board, Ashanka officially joined the Sparsha Trust as a qualified teacher. SCT has always provided support and assistance to overcome the various difficulties arising from certain subjects or topics for the children. At the young age of 22, Ashanka adopted her dream profession successfully. She, as a teacher for the organization, realises that Sparsha does not only provide education assistance and development but alsp physical, mental and over all personality development by providing numerous opportunities.


Currently, Ashanka is pursuing her M.Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry from Jai Hind College, Mumbai.