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At Sparsha, we believe that each and every student has the right to pursue and complete her/his education, irrespective of his/her socio-economic background.

Our Education Program is designed to serve as a foundation for lifelong learning, providing students with a pathway out of poverty and preparing them for the world beyond.

We Believe "EDUCATION is the ANSWER"

Education is the most vital asset of an individual in this world. The access to the right education is however not evenly distributed. 

In Underprivileged Areas, school drop-out rates remain high, girls tend to skip school altogether, and a very high number of students fail to acquire basic secondary education. This occurs due to various reasons, the major reasons being the lack of education in parents and poverty. SCT is currently working with children, parents and the government schools in order to eliminate these imbalances.

We aim to spread awareness through conducting meetings among the youth, adults and parents. Our aim is to motivate parents to send their children to school and give them an opportunity to develop themselves to their best ability.  

We are helping schools adopt a more suitable enivronment to learn within, by improving school infrastructure and technological development for experiential learning. We offer career counselling to students to enhance their employability after they graduate from school. 

We also emphasise on education that trains a child in social skills and life skills. With this, every child holds a better chance in society and can positively embrace the chances they are offered in life. 

At our adult education centres, we focus on functional literacy so the older group of children become independent and more self-sufficient.

Sparsha Charitable Trust aims to bring about a positive change in the lives of millions of children out there who are surrounded by poverty, illness, illiteracy and overall despair. Together, we can bring about this change and make it last.

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Our Flagship Programs



The word Shiksha originates from the Language of Sanskrit. This word means Instruction, Lesson, Learning, Study of Skill.

We provide Shiksha through our Play-way method.

At Sparsha, we use the Play-way method of learning. Which is a complete package that enables the overall development of the child. This is done by developing the child's feelings, intellect, and skills parameters. This method is used for children in the age group of 3 years to 6 years, where it helps them to become ready for school.

Education is a crucial factor in the early stages of Child Development, as it lays the foundation for future learning abilities. Research says that 80% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 3 years, which makes early childhood education an essential building block for a child’s future.

 In India, Early childhood Education is “Non-Mandatory” and “Free of Cost”.Due to this, the parents do not see education as an important factor for a Child's growth. This results in many children staying at home, who miss the opportunity of learning and playing together.

This, in turn, has a common effect of the elder siblings missing out on school, as they need to take care of their younger siblings.




The word Sanskar also originates from the Language of Sanskrit. It is a quality that is imparted to a child by his parents, teacher, gurus, or elderly persons. Sankar includes all the daily activities of the child's life from dawn to dusk. As children practice it regularly, it becomes  a habit and helps the child to  grow as a better person

Sparsha's role of Education in Sanskar is to facilitate the development of learning in every child.   Sanskar focuses on the Holistic development of a child through Parental Guidance and Support.


In our program, we motivate the children to continue their education & prepare the parents for the child's future needs. Sanskar includes the commitment and preparation for learning new skills and developing good moral values in the children. We re-enroll the children in the age group of  6 years to 14 years: who drop out of school.  Sparsha aims to build the learning gap by providing support for English and Mathematics.



SWAYAM (meaning 'Self') is a Sanskrit word that stands for "Study of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds"

 As part of the Swayam program, Sparsha helps the children to have Big Dreams or Life Goals

Swayam makes it possible to achieve these goals through academic support and guidance to children in the age group of 15 years to 18 years. These children are high school drop-outs who require to complete the minimum educational criteria of 12th grade.  


Sparsha's objective is to take the best teaching-learning resources to all, including the most disadvantaged. It also aims at developing skills and mindsets of these young minds, where these children learn to help them make the right choices in life.


Sparsha is looking after the overall development of a child through targeted programmes and projects.

Retention Rate

We work hard to keep our students on track, with an annual retention rate of 97%.

Further Studies

Sixty-eight percent of our high school graduates have gone on to pursue further studies.